Readers ask: What Are The Best Push Rods For Harley Davidson?

Are adjustable pushrods good?

Adjustable pushrods are FINE in an engine. Not one thing wrong with them. Several companies sell them as sets to RUN.

Which pushrod is exhaust Harley?

Premium Member. Black pushrods are exhaust, outer tappets are exhaust tappets.

What do Harley pushrods do?

Current Harley pushrod configurations move a pair of rocker arm shafts that control the two intake and exhaust valves. In turn, the valve bridge slides on a fixed shaft and pushes down the two valves. In order for valve bridges to operate properly, they must remain in alignment.

What are adjustable pushrods?

Adjustable pushrods allow you to change cams without removing the cylinder rocker boxes. You can cut the old solid ones off, install the cam and put in the adjustables since they can be “shortened” to do the install.

How do you adjust the pushrods on Harley Evo?

Bring Cam to Base circle for the tappets you wish to adjust. Rotate the engine. Watch the intake valve open (pushrod goes up) and then close (pushrod goes down). Continue rotating slowly until the cylinder’s piston reaches top dead center (TDC).

Which pushrod is longer intake or exhaust?

Consequently, Exhaust pushrods on G.M. 3.1 and 3.4 engines are longer than their intake counterparts. As a result, It’s critical to reinstall, the correct length pushrods in the correct place.

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When should pushrods be adjusted?

To Adjust the Pushrods. That is when exhaust lifter is traveling down and the intake lifter is traveling up (closing the exhaust valve and opening the intake valve). Once you find that for the rear cylinder, the FRONT cylinder will be on its compression stroke.

Do Harleys still have pushrods?

Current Harley engines use the pushrods to move a pair of rocket arm shafts, one to open the two intake valves and the other opening the two exhaust valves. The engine in the patent images also has four valves per cylinder, but instead of rocker arm shafts, the pushrods each open a single rocker arm.

What is HL2T kit?

The S&S® HL2T Kit is designed to limit the plunger travel in a hydraulic lifter making it impossible for the lifter to collapse. Stronger valve springs are often used to avoid valve float at high rpm. The HL2T kit prevents high valve spring pressure from collapsing lifters.

How do you adjust Screamin Eagle adjustable pushrods?

Keep the pushrod tube from rotating with a 1/2 in or adjustable wrench. Slowly turn the adjusting screw with a 5/16 in wrench 2-1/2 complete turns counterclockwise (lengthening the pushrod) as viewed from the bottom. Hold adjusting screw and tighten locknut with 1/2 in open-end wrench against the pushrod tube.

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