Readers ask: How To Remove Harley Davidson Seats?

Are Harley seats interchangeable?

Most of the aftermarket seats have two sets of mounting holes for the bracket so they are interchangeable. For the Harley ones, you can usually (a couple kinds of seats wont work) drill out your stock seat rivit and the screw it into the new one to make a regular dyna fit a WG.

How do you take off a street 500 seat?

First thing to do is pull firmly upward on the seat strap so it gives you a little space. After it’s loosened up, remove the screw at the rear of the seat. Press downward on the middle of the seat with one hand and pull back with the other. This will pull it off of the tab on the frame.

Are Harley seats leather or vinyl?

Harley seats are not leather, but at the same time you don’t want leather staining your pants. My Brawler, Sidekick and Stripper saddles were all made of 100% leather, not vinyl. The factory seats (solo and custom) and the Sundowner are covered in pleather.

Will an Electra Glide seat fit a Softail?

Will a Street Glide seat fit a Super Glide? Dyna seats interchange with other dynas except for the Wide glide which is unique. They don’t fit softails or touring bikes.

What is a sundowner seat?

The Sundowner Seat provides the maximum in long-riding comfort. The deep-bucket design puts your body in the proper touring position and the generous padding makes it comfortable for both the rider and passenger as the miles are adding up.

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How do you take the seat off a Tri Glide?

Off With the Seat When you open your right side saddlebag lid, you will see the Phillips screw that secures the seat strap. Remove this screw and then remove the Phillips screw at the rear of the seat. You will need to pull the seat up, and back to release it from the front mounting point.

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