Readers ask: How To Change Oil In A Harley Davidson Road King?

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2003 Harley Davidson Road King?

The drain plug is located under the round derby cover on the primary. Place your oil catch pan below the plug and drain the primary fluid completely. Clean the drain plug replace the O-ring before reinstalling the plug onto the primary housing.

How many quarts of oil does a Road King take?

Fill the oil tank with three quarts of 20W-50 motor oil, and the transmission with one quart of Harley-Davidson transmission oil. Screw the oil tank and transmission filler caps into place.

What kind of oil does a Harley Road King take?

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2016 Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King/FLHRC Road King Classic. They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days.

How much oil goes in a Harley transmission?

The transmission fluid capacity is approximately 24 ounces (0.71 liters).

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What is the best oil for a Harley-Davidson?

Here are our top recommended the best oil for Harley Davidson V-Twin Cam:

  • Best Overall: AMSOIL FULL SYNTHETIC Motorcycle Oil 20W-50.
  • Runner-Up: Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil.
  • Best Budget: Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50.

How much oil goes in a Harley primary?

Fill the primary with oil Harley Davidson Softails require one quart of primary fluid. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or the AMSOIL Product Guide for the correct primary oil capacity for your bike.

What is a 3 hole oil change?

What is a 3-Hole Oil Change? A 3-hole oil change is when you replace the oil in all 3 essential components of the powertrain: Engine. Transmission.

How often should I change my oil on my Harley?

A: NO, the service interval does not change for engine oil with Syn3. Harley-Davidson® recommends that your motorcycle receive servicing at least every five thousand miles, depending upon rider, riding style and conditions. Sometimes more frequent oil changes can be warranted.

How many quarts of oil does it take to change?

The largest cost in a typical oil change is the oil itself. Oil prices range widely, but a car or truck usually needs 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil.

How much oil goes in a Harley 103?

Start the drain plug into the oil pan by hand. Snug it; and final tighten to 14 – 21 foot lbs. Now, remove your fill plug and pour 3 full quarts into the fill allocation. This is, now, a sufficient amount of oil to check your oil level.

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When should I use 20W50 oil?

20W50 motor oil is suitable for warmer climates, where the higher temperature causes the oil to thin. It is also useful for vehicles subject to hot temperatures and for those used for high-stress activities such as hauling or pulling trailers.

Who makes Harley oil?

Harley-Davidson oil is manufactured by Sunoco.

Can you mix synthetic oil with regular oil?

The short answer is… yes. If you don’t have a choice, adding synthetic oil to regular oil can help you out in a pinch. Since motor oils are generally made from the same ingredients (base oil and additives), they are typically compatible when mixed.

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