Quick Answer: How To Remove Or Adjust The Running Lights On A 2006 Harley Davidson Road King?

How do I adjust my motorcycle lights?

Go over to the wall and make a horizontal line at the same distant from the ground as the middle of your headlight. The line should be approximately two to three feet wide. This line provides a reference for how far up or down you are adjusting the light.

How do I align my headlights within legal requirements?

Turn the lights off and use a screwdriver to turn the screws until the headlight is at the level you require. Turn your headlights back on to see if further adjustment is required. There should be a screw to adjust the lamp vertically and another screw to align it horizontally. Do each adjustment one at a time.

How do you adjust headlights against a wall?

Reverse your vehicle in a straight line so that the front of the headlights are 7.62 meters (25 feet) back from the wall. The goal of these instructions is to aim BOTH of your headlights so that the center of the Hot Spot is at the v of the horizontal X and vertical Y lines you have drawn.

How do you check motorcycle headlight alignment?

Sit on the motorcycle, holding it straight, with the headlight pointed straight ahead and the front tire on your masking tape mark. The low beam’s upper cutoff line should align with the lower piece of masking tape. The high beam should align with the upper piece of masking tape.

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How do you remove the front turn signal on a Harley?

Loosen the Allen head bolt located under the left or right handlebar switch pod, using a 1/4-inch Allen wrench. Pull the front turn signal ball post out from the bottom of the switch pod, then pull the turn signal wiring out from the motorcycle’s frame until the turn signal has been removed completely.

How do you wire a light bar on a motorcycle?

The way to install a light bar is simple. You run the hot wire from the battery through a fuse, then through a relay, to the lights, and connect the switch to the other terminals on the relay. The ground wire is run straight to ground (the negative terminal on the battery.)

What is passing lamp?

Passing lamps are lamps designed for supplementing the lower beam from headlamps and may also be lighted with the upper beam.

How do you adjust the height of a motorcycle headlight?

Place the bike 25 feet from the wall or garage door. Have someone sit on your bike or chock your wheel and measure from the center of the headlight to the ground with the bike level. Now go over to the garage door and mark one line at the same height above ground, and another 2 inches lower.

What is the proper height for headlights?

The top of the low beam shining on the wall should be at or slightly below the height of the center of the headlight lens for most vehicles. You should expect the light pattern to be higher on the right side (passenger side) to illuminate road signs and lower on the driver’s side to prevent blinding other drivers.

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