Question: Who Makes Harley Davidson Starters?

How do I know if my Harley starter is bad?

Symptoms of a bad motorcycle starter may include the motorcycle not being able to start at all, the motorcycle only starting intermittently, hearing the starter running even when the engine has already started, and being able to hear a strange clicking sound from the starter.

What is the difference between Hitachi and Prestolite starter?

The easy way to tell the difference between the Hitachi and the Prestolite starters: Prestolite is long and thin (about 3″ in diameter) and the Hitachi is stubby and fatter (Closer to 4″).

How long should a Harley starter last?

But as a rule of thumb, you might expect about 80,000 starts coming from a brand new starter having no defects. Those starters in warmer climates would last longer most of the time.

Why would a motorcycle died while riding?

There are a few reasons a bike can shut off while riding. Low fuel or a faulty battery are the main reasons a bike will shut off while riding. But it could be a few other reasons as well, all of which are linked to either fuel or electrical issues.

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What does Harley System relay do?

Yes the system relay gives power to the fuel pump and the injectors. The ECM triggers the injectors by grounding them and activates the system relay by grounding it also.

Does a Harley have a starter?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles rely on an electromagnetic solenoid to activate the engine’s electric starter motor. When power is applied to the solenoid, a retractable pinion gear is pulled into place between the engine’s starter clutch and the starter motor.

What is a good Harley starter bike?

What’s the Best Harley Davidson Starter Bike for Beginners?

  • Sportster Iron 883.
  • Street 500.
  • Street 750.
  • SuperLow.

How do you test a Harley Davidson starter?

PUSH TEST: Run a second ground lead from the battery negative terminal to the solenoid post. Then, run a lead from the starter contact (where the green trigger wire from your start button plugs into) and connect the opposite end to the battery positive post. *The starter shaft should PUSH out.

How many miles do starters last?

But like many car parts, starters are unpredictable. No two starters will last the same length of time and there is usually no way to know that your starter is dying until the day your car doesn’t start and you have to call for service. They could last as long as 200,000 miles or as little as 30,000.

Why does my Harley just click when I try to start it?

When you turn the key and the battery is dead, you hear the magnet trying to magnetize the gear which is what makes the clicking sound. If the battery doesn’t give enough power, that magnet doesn’t have enough power to turn the flywheel of the engine.

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What would cause a Harley not to start?

If the engine doesn’t crank, it could be because of a failure at any of those stages, a weak battery, or a bad starter. If the motor cranks and still won’t start, then it is likely a fuel or spark issue. A few tests can be performed to quickly track down the problem.

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