Question: When Is Harley Davidson Bike Fest?

Are they having Daytona Bike Week 2021?

Daytona Bike Week, March 5-14 2021 | Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Is Milwaukee Rally 2020 Cancelled?

Milwaukee Rally for Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders not canceled for coronavirus. In many ways, the Milwaukee Rally 2020 will be just like other years.

Is there a Bike Week 2021?

The 29th Annual Biketoberfest ® 2021 is Coming! October in Daytona Beach is an amazing time of the year for bikers who are looking forward to celebrate one of life’s greatest freedoms!

Is Bike Week still on in Daytona?

Daytona Bike Week 2022 – March 4-13, 2022 In its 81st year, Daytona Bike week is a legendary 10-day event filled with festivals, concerts, bike shows, street parties and much more.

Is Black Bike Week 2021 Cancelled?

Because of the pandemic the City of Atlantic Beach will not allow the 2020 Black Biker Week to happen. Like always, initially the Bike Week dates were in May. Then due to Covid the new dates were in September. But now, the City will not allow Black Bike Week [for the May 2021 rally].

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Is Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2021 Cancelled?

The Atlantic Beach Town Council canceled the 2021 Bikefest due to concerns over Covid-19.

Where is Cassandra Mcshepard?

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What happened to Hal’s Harley-Davidson?

The dealership known as Hal’s Harley-Davidson was family owned for over 40 years when it was purchased by Sara and Eric Pomeroy in 2016. Unfortunately, the dealership will remain closed. The surrounding dealerships will provide support to the current riders.”

Has Bike Week been Cancelled?

Arizona Bike Week is not canceled. Some have been mandated cancellations or postponements but those are located in “hot spot” areas and are very limited.

What are the dates for Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2021?

Black Bike Week: Daytona Beach, Florida Historically, Black Bike Week is a huge event in the African-American community of Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. Black Bike Week reaches its peak during the final weekend of Bike Week.

How long does Daytona Bike Week last?

Daytona Bike Week is a 10-day event that was established 80 years decades ago. Visit for more information about events, vendors, parking and more.

Where is Bike Week in Florida?

Bike Week 2021 visitors celebrate The World’s Largest Motorcycle Event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Thousands of bike enthusiasts ride into the city to enjoy the street-wide parties, live music, bike gear vendors, and more.

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Is Daytona Bike Week family friendly?

Bike Week is not billed as a kid-friendly event, but kids should be fine on the Daytona Beach boardwalk and pier. Daytona Beach’s Main Street is the epicenter for Bike Week parties, and things can get a little rowdy at night. Still, plenty of people make Bike Week a family vacation.

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