Question: How To Install Harley Davidson Led Tail Lights?

Do I need a relay for LED tail lights?

if you replace any pair of turn signals with leds, you’ll need a relay or resisters. the relay is plug/ play and works VERY well.

Do LED tail lights need a load resistor?

You need to fit load resistors on each indicator light and possibly stop, tail and reversing lights as well. These load resistors need special mounting to ensure the component does not overheat and cause potential fire hazards.

Why do turn signals have 3 wires?

With three wires one will be ground (you’ll need that, usually green) and of the other two one will have power with the key on, running lights (you wont need that) the other one will have power only with the turn switch activated.

What size resistor do I need for LED tail lights?

If you only installed 2 LED bulbs, one for each of the tail light/turn signal/brake light for example, then you need 2 6 ohm resistors. The wattage should be 50watts.

What are the 3 wires on LED lights?

Generally a white and a black wire will be provided. The white will normally be the ground(-) and the black will be the positive(+). LED Lights with 3 wires will be a multi-function light.

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Are LED tail lights plug and play?

The tail lights for most cars are simply bolted on from the inside of the trunk. For most LED tail lights, for example the ones we carry at, most of the sockets and plugs are already designed to be simply plug and play. However if there are any hard wiring required.

What does tail light relay do?

A brake light switch is sometimes called a brake relay. This is the switch that tells your car’s computer and lights that you’ve pressed the brakes. This sends a signal to turn the lights on and also allows you to shift out of park, or in some cases, turn your car on.

Will a regular flasher work with LED lights?

Compatibility: All LED flashers from CEC, including the Solid State flashers, are compatible for use with regular bulbs as well as LED bulbs or a mix of LED / regular bulbs. There are many cheap LED flashers on the market that will simply go up in smoke when you put regular bulbs in.

Why are my LED lights not flashing?

The reason that the turn signals suddenly stop working after LED or SMD bulbs are installed has to do with the load put on the signal flasher relay. In some vehicles, when the load drops below the amount required by the flasher relay, the relay will not reach temp and the bulbs will not flash.

What resistor do I need for LED?

LEDs typically require 10 to 20mA, the datasheet for the LED will detail this along with the forward voltage drop. For example an ultra bright blue LED with a 9V battery has a forward voltage of 3.2V and typical current of 20mA. So the resistor needs to be 290 ohms or as close as is available.

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Can I connect LED without resistor?

When hooking up an LED, you are always supposed to use a current-limiting resistor to protect the LED from the full voltage. If you hook the LED up directly to the 5 volts without a resistor, the LED will be over-driven, it will be very bright for a while, and then it will burn out.

How do I know what resistor to use with LED?

Resistor = (Battery Voltage – LED voltage) / desired LED current. So assuming a 12-volt power source and a white LED with the desired current of 10 mA; The formula becomes Resistor = (12-3.4)/. 010 which is 860 ohms. Since this is not a standard value I would use an 820-ohm resistor.

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