Question: How Many Harley Davidson Motorcycles Are Registered In The Us?

How many motorcycles are registered in the US?

The number of on-road motorcycles registered in the U.S. has been generally increasing throughout these years, doubling from 4.2 million in 2002 to 8.3 million in 2018 (Table 1).

Which state has the most registered motorcycles?

In 2019 California reported the highest amount of registered private and commercial motorcycles in the country. Not only is California the U.S. state with the highest number of motorcycles, but it is also the most populous state in the U.S. overall, representing close to 12 percent of the country’s total population.

What percentage of motorcycles are Harleys?

This statistic represents the market share of major motorcycle brands in the United States as of March 2020, based on unit sales. Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson reached a market share of around 30 percent. Harley-Davidson is the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the United States.

What state has the most Harley Davidsons?

Wisconsin (1 motorcycle per 17.8 people) Not surprisingly, the state that is home to Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) is also one of the states with the most motorcycles registered per population size. Wisconsin’s nearly 5.8 million residents have registered more than 324,600 motorcycles.

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How many motorcycles died in 2020?

There were 5,458 motorcycle fatalities in 2020. Our analysts found that’s not just a 9% increase from 2019, it’s also the highest number of motorcycle fatalities ever recorded.

What state is the safest for motorcycles?

While you would expect Alaska to have the lowest rate of fatalities, the title of “safest” actually goes to Montana where out of a staggering 306,655 motorcycles, 23 deaths have been recorded for a rate of 0.75.

Which state has the most motorcycle fatalities?

At least eight of the ten states in which the most motorcycle fatalities occurred are traditionally southern or somewhat southern states. Topping the list are Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Mississippi had the highest rate of fatalities, at 14.22 fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles.

What is the average age of motorcycle riders?

The average age of a motorcyclist in the United States: 48. 26% of motorcycle owners have at a 4 year college degree. Another 16% have gone on to study post-graduate work. On-road riding happens 2x more often than off-road riding with the average motorcycle.

What is the number 1 selling motorcycle?

The bestselling motorcycle of all time is the Honda Super Cub, with over a hundred million motorcycles sold to date. The scooter-like model had one of the best marketing campaigns in history and is advertised as perfect for busy streets in large towns due to its compact size, practicality, and impeccable functionality.

Why do people still buy Harleys?

Legacy. Probably the number one reason why most people prefer Harley motorcycles is the legacy so rounding the brand and its bikes. The motorcycle brand has roots and history that’s comparable to no other American motorcycle manufacturer.

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Are motorcycles losing popularity?

There are fewer hit movies glamorizing biker life than there were in years past, and dirt bikes, a motorcycle “gateway drug,” are no longer as popular with children. Harley’s retail motorcycle sales slipped 6.7% last year.

Where do most bikers live?

Best Cities To Live as a Biker

  • Daytona, Florida. Daytona boasts weather that’s ideal for fun in the sun throughout the year.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is home to over 202,000 registered motorcycle owners and we’re willing to bet many of them live in the state’s largest city of Atlanta.
  • Boise, Idaho.

How many motorcycles died in 2019?

In 2019, there were only 11 motorcycle fatalities.

Where is the best place to ride a motorcycle?

Ride Out: 15 Best Motorcycle Roads In America

  • Beartooth Highway. Montana & Wyoming.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway. North Carolina & Virginia.
  • Cherohala Skyway. Tennessee.
  • Going-To-The-Sun Road. Montana.
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Utah.
  • Natchez Trace Parkway.
  • Needles Highway.
  • Northwest Passage Scenic Byway.

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