Often asked: What Is The Widest Front Tire That Can Go On A 2001 Harley-davidson Dyna Wide Glide Fxdwg?

Can you put a wider front tire on a Wide Glide?

Yes you can run a wheel from a wide glide. The hubs are wider and they look much better IMO. I put on on mine and had to get creative with spacers to get my stock caliper to work with the wide glide wheel set up.

What makes a Dyna a Wide Glide?

The Dyna Wide Glide features a “Tommy Gun” exhaust. The Softail also has dual mufflers, but features a straight over-under shotgun exhaust style. This contributes to a difference in the looks of the two bikes. The Dyna’s exhaust features curved lines while sharper angles are present in the Softail’s pipes.

Are Harley wheels interchangeable?

Answer: This is a 16×3 rim with a 3/4 Axle, most Harley rims are interchangeable. If your stock wheel shares the same specs it will fit.

What is the difference between Dyna Wide Glide and Super Glide?

The Wide glide has a more comfortable touring centric stock seat. The Wide Glide will also fit you better if your’re 5′ 10″ or taller. if you’re much over 6′ the Superglide feels a bit cramped with the stock setup of seat bars and controls. You can easily upgrade to dual discs on the Superglide, not so easy on the WG.

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Which is better Softail or Dyna?

While both the Dyna and the Softail are great bikes to ride and have a lot of accessories available, the Softail has more. The Dyna is more balanced and is best at making corners and steering in traffic. It is also best suited for riding two people up while the Softail is best only for one rider or a lighter load.

When did they stop making Dyna Wide Glide?

Background of the Dyna Wide Glide Harley-Davidson introduced the stiffer, lighter FXR frame in 1982. By the 1986 model year the Wide Glide was the last of the FX models and was discontinued after that year, not making the move to the FXR frame which couldn’t accommodate its wide front forks.

Can you put a Springer front end on a Wide Glide?

You can run wide glide wheels if different spacers are used. You will need to use a springer type brake caliper to complete the install.

Can you put a Softail front end on a Sportster?

It’ll work, but you have to deal with the issue of the fork stop. Some softails have external, where as some have internal. So the year of the Xl fork is going to make a difference.

How do you measure a Harley Davidson front end?

Raise the bike to an upright position, using a tape measure, hold the tape straight down from the front axle to the floor. Put a mark on the floor at that point. Then place the tape parallel to the steering neck, following the angle of the steering neck all the way up to the floor.

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Is a Dyna Wide Glide a good first bike?

Oh and yes the Dyna is a great first Harley. Just be safe and take it slow and easy. No need to be one of those guys who goes out and buys a bike only to wreck on it because of a lack of experience.

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