Often asked: How To Use Harley Davidson Key Fob?

How does the Harley key fob work?

With an assigned fob present, the system automatically disarms when the ignition key is turned to IGNITION. When the module disarms, the optional siren will chirp once and the key icon will illuminate for a solid four seconds and then turn off.

What is the button for on a Harley key fob?

Retract key: Press the button to release the key. Rotate the key back into the fob body. The key fob remotely locks and unlocks the fork lock switch, saddlebags and Tour-Pak. The key fob can actuate the locks while the motorcycle is on or off.

How do you sync a Harley-Davidson key fob?

How to Program a New Key Fob for a Harley

  1. Turn the key in the ignition to “Off,” then complete the following steps with less than 10 second pauses in between them.
  2. Turn the key in the ignition to “On,” “Off,” “On,” “Off,” then back to the “On” position.
  3. Press the left turn signal switch for a total of two times.
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How long do Harley key fob batteries last?

HD recommend that you replace the battery in your Harley-Davidson key FOB every 12 months.

Are Harley key fobs waterproof?

The fob isn’t waterproof. Like Greg mentioned, wrap it in aluminum foil to keep the security module from reading it, then place it in a nice little ZipLoc bag and stash it with your luggage. If you want to make sure no one mess’s with it, tuck it in with the dirty underwear.

How much is a Harley key fob?

The average cost for a replacement key made by vin is $50 and can be done by most if not all local authorized Harley Dealer.

What does the red key light mean on a Harley?

The red “key” light is telling you that the security system is operational. The fact that it goes out after you start it up means that the security system is disarmed.

Are Harleys easy to steal?

Harley┬« is the fifth most likely motorcycle type to be stolen. Thieves love to ride off on a Harley, but they’re less likely to do so than other bikes for a couple of reasons: Harley┬« has upgraded their anti-theft technology, so bikes are harder to steal and easier for the owner to track if they are stolen.

What is the default Harley security code?

By Bikers For Bikers. VIDEO-If your Harley Davidson is equipped with a factory installed alarm then you really need to immediately change your security PIN code. Harley puts a standard factory preset PIN code and it is usually 31313.

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How do I disconnect my Harley battery without alarm?

Re: How to remove the battery without alarm going off? Have the Fob near the bike and turn on the ignition then turn it off. This should reset the alarm.

How do I get my Harley out of transport mode?

When the vehicle is in the transport mode, the security system does not respond to motion detection. To exit the transport mode, use the key fob to disarm the vehicle.

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