Often asked: How To Install Pushrods In Harley Davidson?

How do I install adjustable pushrods?

Keep the pushrod tube from rotating with a 1/2 in or adjustable wrench. Slowly turn the adjusting screw with a 5/16 in wrench 2-1/2 complete turns counterclockwise (lengthening the pushrod) as viewed from the bottom. Hold adjusting screw and tighten locknut with 1/2 in open-end wrench against the pushrod tube.

How do you adjust the pushrods on a Harley Davidson?

Bring Cam to Base circle for the tappets you wish to adjust. Rotate the engine. Watch the intake valve open (pushrod goes up) and then close (pushrod goes down). Continue rotating slowly until the cylinder’s piston reaches top dead center (TDC).

What do Harley pushrods do?

Current Harley pushrod configurations move a pair of rocker arm shafts that control the two intake and exhaust valves. In turn, the valve bridge slides on a fixed shaft and pushes down the two valves. In order for valve bridges to operate properly, they must remain in alignment.

When should pushrods be adjusted?

To Adjust the Pushrods. That is when exhaust lifter is traveling down and the intake lifter is traveling up (closing the exhaust valve and opening the intake valve). Once you find that for the rear cylinder, the FRONT cylinder will be on its compression stroke.

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What are adjustable pushrods?

Adjustable pushrods allow you to change cams without removing the cylinder rocker boxes. You can cut the old solid ones off, install the cam and put in the adjustables since they can be “shortened” to do the install.

Why is my Harley ticking?

The sound goes away when the motor rebuilds oil pressure in the lifter. If there was carbon build up on your valves, the ticking usually lingers even after the m/c is @ running temp.

Do overhead cam engines have pushrods?

The motion of the camshaft is transferred using pushrods and rocker arms to operate the valves at the top of the engine. An overhead camshaft (OHC) engine also has overhead valves; however, to avoid confusion, Overhead valve engines that use pushrods are often called “pushrod engines”.

What causes rocker arm failure?

Photograph of the failed rocker arm shaft. One of the major causes of component failure is faulty manufacturing. This includes all effects that increase brittleness or those inducing cracks and or stress raisers in the component.

What is stock SBC pushrod length?

Pushrods are available in standard and 0.100-inch extended lengths. The longer pushrods can be used to restore correct valvetrain geometry when using a high-lift camshaft with a small base circle. They are also recommended when longer-than-stock valves are installed.

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