How To Change Oil On Forks On 1985 Fxrt Harley Davidson Evo?

Can you change fork oil without removing forks?

You will need to remove the caps to refill the fork tubes with oil. Determine if the fork legs have oil drain plugs near the bottom of the legs. If they do, you are in luck and will be able to change the oil without removing the fork legs.

How much oil does a Harley fork take?

Replace the plugs and fill the forks through the top caps with an approved fork oil. The capacity varies by model but for most Softails and Dynas this amount is about 9 to 10 oz. If using Harley brand fork oil then type “B” or “E” is recommended depending on the model.

How often should you change fork oil on a Harley?

Damping helps with how well your bike adheres to and is affected by bumps in the road or unevenness. How often should you change your fork oil? That is a very good question. It’s been quoted as every year, every two years, every 30,000 miles, every 50,000 miles and more.

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How much fork oil do I need?

You can remove the compression unit using a 32mm nut or a 19mm open end wrench. After removing the compression unit you will find a chamber filled with oil. It’s about 200ml of oil.

Can I change fork seals without disassembly?

Yes. Pull the bolt out that secures the cartridge to the lower fork leg and the forks will come apart. Put a seal in with a split type fork seal driver. Then you pull the cap and separate from cartridge to pull the spring to set the fork oil level.

How often should you change your fork oil?

The oil in your fork loses lubricity, gets dirty, and should be changed every 10,000 miles or once a year.

Does changing fork oil make a difference?

A change in viscosity by just a couple of points makes a big difference in suspension compliance and action. All that applies to the fork also pertains to the shock (or shocks). The piston wears on the shock body, picking up metal that then travels through the oil and damping circuit.

How much oil does a Harley Evo take?

Using your funnel, slowly pour 3 quarts of oil into your oil tank. Although the Evolution engine holds up to 3.5 quarts after a rebuild or when filled new, only 3 get replaced during the oil change.

What weight is Harley Davidson transmission oil?

Is there any problem with this? Our answer: It is perfectly acceptable to use 75W-140 gear oil in Harley-Davidson transmissions. But, do consider that 75W-140 is much thicker than oils typically used in Harley transmissions. For instance, AMSOIL V-Twin Synthetic Transmission Oil is an SAE 110 gear oil.

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What kind of oil goes in Harley Forks?

Spectro Performance Oils R. HDFOE Heavy Duty Fork Oil ( Type E SAE 20, 1 Quart)

What does heavier fork oil do?

And yes, heavier weight for oil will definitely help. It’s an easy and cheap way to stiffen forks. It will make them less supple for small bumps, but it’s fairly easy to swap the oils until you find a weight that is decent for jumps and decent for the trails.

What viscosity is Harley Type E fork oil?

Harley-Davidson Type B is the equivalent viscosity to Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil 15W and the Harley-Davidson Type E is the equivalent to Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil 20W. Thanks for using Bel-Ray Performance Products.

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