How Long Are Harley Davidson Exhaust Studs?

Are exhaust studs reverse thread?

It’s not reverse thread, and if you just keep tightning the nut, you will snap the stud or strip threads. Best way was already mention. Jamming two nuts on a stud, and using the inner one to back out the whole stud. Studs can be installed the same way.

How do I tighten my exhaust studs?

You can use a stud tool or use 2 nuts on the stud. Spin a nut onto the stud, then a second one to jam them together. Then use the “top” nut to tighten down.

How tight should exhaust manifold studs be?

Every vehicle has different levels of torque necessary to properly tighten its bolts. The standard is to use 20 to 30 foot-pounds of torque.

Can you replace exhaust manifold studs with bolts?

Super Moderator. I agree, the bolts in place of studs and nuts would be okay. Be sure to observe the torque specs for the bolts, i.e. to be the same as the nuts on the studs. You dont want an exhaust manifold to be too tight – it interferes with the manifold expanding at a different rate than the head.

Should I replace exhaust manifold studs?

In addition, we recommend replacing all of the bolts with OEM mounting bolts or studs. When you replace the manifold with a new one, it will be prone to the same warping that broke the bolt originally – so at the very least, be sure to replace all of the bolts with OEM mounting bolts or studs.

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How much does it cost to replace exhaust manifold bolts?

Repair includes bolt replacement and exhaust manifold replacement. The cost of this repair typically runs between $800 – $900, parts and labor.

What is stud welding process?

Stud welding is a process by which a metal stud is joined to a metal workpiece by heating both parts with an arc of electricity. Compared with other welding and fastening processes, stud welding offers faster assembly with fewer steps.

Can I solder a nut to a bolt?

You can, if they are made of copper. Soldering iron is effective on metals having boiling temp of 400 degree Celsius.

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