FAQ: What Kind Of Brake Fluid Can You Use For A 2005 Harley Davidson?

Can I use DOT 3 brake fluid in my Harley?

Brake fluid is responsible for transmitting force from the brake lever to the back of the brake pads. Brake fluid is available in four grades: DOT 3, 4, 5, and 5.1. DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 fluids are glycol based and can be mixed together, but DOT 5 fluid is silicone based and can’t be mixed with any other type of fluid.

Can you use car brake fluid in a motorcycle?

The motorcycle and the automotive fluid are one and the same. Both the car and the motorcycle use the same brake fluids. A DOT4 brake fluid used in a motorcycle is exactly the same DOT4 brake fluid used in a car. There is no difference in the brake fluid at all.

Does it matter what brake fluid I use?

YES! It’s very important– the fluid specified by the original vehicle manufacturers must be used. DOT 3 & 4 brake fluid is a mineral based fluid. DO NOT use DOT 5 in a vehicle equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System).

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Is DOT 3 brake fluid universal?

Are there different types of brake fluid? Yes, there are three main types of brake fluid. So called “Conven onal” or “Universal” brake fluids based on glycol ethers and designated DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1. These are used by all the major vehicle manufacturers, and account for more than 99% of all brake fluid usage.

What kind of brake fluid should I use in my Harley?

When it comes to brakes, Harleys need a very special juice: Silicone-based DOT 5 brake fluid.

Can I put DOT 3 in a DOT 4 system?

Are DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid compatible? Yes, DOT 3 brake fluid is compatible with DOT 4 brake fluid. However, DOT 4 offers a higher boiling point. DOT 5 brake fluid is silicone, meaning it doesn’t absorb water.

Can I mix old and new brake fluid?

Brake fluid is prone to absorbing water, which is one of the reasons you replace it. You CANNOT reuse fluid, and you CANNOT mix old with new.

Do you need motorcycle specific brake fluid?

For most motorbike use, it is only DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 that you need to concern yourself with, and it is likely that it will be one of these fluids that is recommended for your motorcycle. As DOT 5.1 is more hygroscopic than DOT 4 and therefore absorbs more moisture, it will need to be changed more often.

How often should brake fluid be changed on a motorcycle?

As a general rule, the brake fluid level should be checked every 100 km or every month or so, and it should be changed around every two years.

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What type of brake fluid to most vehicles recommend?

Most vehicles in the USA take DOT3 or 4 which are amber in color, like a light beer. They are glycol-based and will absorb moisture out of the air (hygroscopic is the science term). Thus, you’ll want to keep the top of your bottle tight and don’t open the master cylinder reservoir unless needed.

What can I use as a substitute for brake fluid?

The best brake fluid substitute is a water and soap solution. A water and soap solution is the best emergency substitute for brake fluid is because it is very easy to make. Many people have water and soap in their cars or homes.

Is there a difference between DOT 3 and dot4 brake fluid?

DOT 4 brake fluid. The primary differences between the two include the following: DOT 3 brake fluid will absorb less water than DOT 4 from the air over time, meaning you’ll need to have your fluid changed less frequently. DOT 4 brake fluid has higher dry and wet boiling points, making it safer for higher temperatures.

Does DOT 4 absorb more water than DOT 3?

DOT 4 absorbs moisture at a slower rate than DOT 3 but is more susceptible to suffering a drop in its boiling point. This suggests that DOT 4 brake fluids offer more stability and safety for longer but would need to be replaced at the recommended OEM intervals before it suffers a substantial drop in boiling point.

Can DOT 5 replace DOT 3?

DOT 5 can be used as an upgrade or replacement for both DOT 3 and 4, but should not be mixed with any of the other fluids. The procedures to convert your DOT 3 or 4 systems to the silicone-based DOT 5 are similar to the Dot 4 conversion procedure mentioned above.

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What year did Harley start using DOT 5 brake fluid?

Beginning in 1976, Harley-Davidson used DOT 5 in all its brake systems. For model year 2005, the FL platform changed to DOT 4. For 2006, all models except XL went to DOT 4. For 2007, All models use DOT4.

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