FAQ: How To Set Up Highway Pegs On A Harley Davidson Roadking?

Can you install highway pegs without engine guard?

You need something substantial to mount the highway bars/pegs to. Without an set of engine guards there isn’t much there to support highway bars, the V Stroms don ‘t have a downtube. The position the highway bars need to be in make it tough to figure out a way to mount them without engine guards also.

Are highway pegs worth it?

Yes, passengers can have highway style pegs. If you ride two up frequently on long trips, it will be worth the investment for the passenger who gets overlooked most of the time on creature comforts.

Are highway pegs safe?

To be safe using highway pegs takes some forethought and common sense to use them safely: On the Interstate, with little traffic, they are safe but in traffic, they are not so.

Are highway pegs universal?

Universal highway pegs for highway, motorcycle and similar applications. Mounting clamp firmly grips the engine guard, and then anodised black steel stake is clamped onto the stock handlebars of your motorcycle. Universally fit for most of motorcycle models.

What is the purpose of highway bars on a motorcycle?

Motorcycle crash bars help prevent extensive damage if the motorcycle falls over while parked, or in a low-speed tip-over. The bars are designed to protect the engine, fuel tank, and can save the paint on your bike.

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