FAQ: How To Get Certified To Do Warranty Work For Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

What voids a Harley warranty?

Technically, you can void the warranty if you or an unauthorized entity (instead of a Harley dealership) installs Screamin’ Eagle parts or other performance parts. To be on the safe side, you should wait for the warranty to expire before you start to customize it.

What is the factory warranty on a Harley-Davidson?

All new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles come with a 2 year, unlimited warranty. All used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that fall within the original terms of the warranty are covered by the warranty until the warranty expires.

Can you get an extended warranty on a used Harley-Davidson?

The extended service plan (ESP) covers new motorcycles for seven years and covers used Harley® motorcycles for up to five years. And the best part is that repair costs are “locked in.” All you’ll ever pay is the $50 deductible for covered repairs per visit, not per repair.

Do Rinehart slip ons void Harley warranty?

OK, no. Slip ons alone will not cause Harley to void the warranty on a touring bike (softails have cats in the mufflers, so that would void the warranty).

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Will headers void Harley warranty?

yes. they can. it is mentioned in your owner’s manual no less than 5 or 6 times that if you install non-epa compliant parts (tuner, exhaust, cams, etc) in your bike that the ‘powertrain’ warranty is null and void.

How long does a Harley-Davidson warranty last?

Factory warranty for Harley-Davidson has a limited duration of 24 months which starts on the initial purchase or delivery by authorized dealerships. Or warranty can be obtained running until the 3rd anniversary of the motorcycle model year’s last day.

How long is a Harley battery warranty?

New Harley Davidson Motorcycle Replacement Banshee Battery, 4 Year Warranty.

How long is Harley extended warranty?

The Harley-Davidson extended warranty provides up to seven years of coverage with no mileage cap, depending on the terms of your particular contract. The plan covers over 1,100 parts on your motorcycle, which is nearly everything between the fenders.

Does changing your own oil void Harley warranty?

No, changing the oil and servicing your own Harley DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY and it can’t. You are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and your dealership personnel will tell you so. You just need to save your product purchase receipts and sign the back of your owner’s manual for the services you do!

Does Harley extended warranty cover battery?

Batteries are not covered under extended warrany. H-D only warrants a new battery for 12 months.

Does Harley ESP cover towing?

The Expense Reimbursement Package provides reimbursements for covered claims for rental vehicles, pick-up, and towing charges, and even lodging and meals if you are stranded away from home. And the Optional Tire & Wheels Coverage protects you from hazards you encounter on the road.

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How do I become a HOG member?

You can get a new H.O.G. membership card by contacting our service center. The cost is AUD $5. Or, you can Renew Your Membership at any time and get a new card with your Membership Package.

What does HD ESP cover?

What does the extended warranty cover? The Harley Extended Service Plan (ESP) covers 1100 parts including the engine, transmission, carburetor, fuel injection, starter, speedometer, cruise module, forks, electronics, sidecar hardware, and more.

Is Harley warranty transferable?

Used Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Warranty Used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles may have a remaining factory warranty that can be transferred to a new owner. Please contact us to see if such a transfer applies to you if your motorcycle was purchased from a private party and if the motorcycle is less than two years old.

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