FAQ: How To Check Steering Head Bolt On My Harley Davidson Roadking?

How do you know if your steering bearings are loose?

If the bearings are loose, you’ll feel a definite rocking movement, or even hear a clicking noise. If there’s any doubt, have a helper place a finger on the upper steering stem clamp—if he feels movement when you rock the fork, the bearings are loose.

How do you know if your steering bearings are bad?

Common symptoms of bad steering head bearings include poor steering feel, strange resistance, clunking from the front end, or a notchy feeling, particularly when pointing the front wheel straight ahead. In extreme cases, there will be visible and audible play.

How tight should steering stem be?

It is perfect just at point when slam stops and there is small resistance pushing with one finger fully from side to side. Don’t go too tight past this point or you will dent bearings into bearing races and then feel roughness side to side.

What is a steering stem?

: the assemblages of front-axle end and steering knuckle on which a front wheel of an automobile turns.

What is the Harley wobble?

The “Death Wobble” is a phenomenon where a bike’s rear kicks back and forth and is brought about by something mechanical or by the rider where it affects the front tire or steering components of the motorcycle. He says, also, that Harley motorcycles do not come from the factory with stabilizers, but the trikes do.

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Why does my motorcycle steering wheel feel loose?

Loose steering head, swingarm, or wheel bearings could also be the culprit. Check your tires for bulges or damage and spin your wheels to see if they’re still straight. Next up, ride quality. If your bike has gotten more sensitive to bumps and is feeling harsh, your suspension may be binding.

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